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  1. 2008.03.20 Oral communication-Strength and Weakness
My weakness in oral communication mostly arises from the fact that English is not my first language. Although the occurrence of people not understanding what I say is significantly less compared to when I have just arrived here, I do find it hard to convey my ideas time to time. However, I have ongoing plan to fix this problem. First is to articulate the word clearly. I often found myself not articulating words clearly either because I do not know how to pronounce particular word or because of confusion with other words' pronunciation. So I tried to tackle this problem by referring to dictionary for pronouncing guide whenever it is possible and also noting how people pronounce or accent particular words on TV. Other method I have found which could mitigate this problem is to use more simple words. Second is to give more logical flow in conveying ideas. People has tends to understands better if the argument is easy to follow and logic is at heart of making it easy. Thus logical progression in communication helped enormously.

I think my main strength in oral communication is being able to continue the conversation. I find this helpful when making new friends as this ability encourages us to understand more about each other. My other strength is being able to listen to what others say and respond to it. I do so by nodding or saying 'I understand' or 'I know what you mean.' Even though they seem like a cliche, most of people I met appeared more reassured when I responded as above rather than when I did not responded at all.

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Oral communication-Strength and Weakness  (0) 2008.03.20
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